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We have been trading mazut m100 since 2006, acting both as mandates for seller and buyer refineries. We arrange contracts, dip test inspections and shipping when necessary. Ensuring every step is well taken care of is our aim. We make sure full satisfaction to both buyers and sellers.

The process of extracting useful products from the distillation of petroleum is a complex and expensive process that yields a variety of petrochemical products. The process yields products with extremely long hydrocarbon chains.

Combinations of the above yield what is known within the industry as 'fuel oils'. The fuel oil is a viscous, dark product that is often quite heavy, and is used as a form of commercial fuel. A good example of such fuel would be "mazut". The product is generally abbreviated as m-100, and it isn't uncommon to see designations such as "m-100 mazut" in communications, shipping logs, and commercial documents referring to the fuel.

M-100 mazut is a specification that exists under GOST regulations – a set of standards for the Commonwealth of Independent States. In Russian, GOST (which here is adapted from Cyrillic) is an acronym for "State Standard". The amount of energy contained within M-100 mazut is fairly remarkable for the amount of energy it generates (high British Thermal Unit, or BTU output).

Mazut 100 prices are often determined by its point of origin and mode of production. Aside from shipping factors – duties, regulations, and the like – this also relates to the quality of the product itself. Mazut comes in a variety of grades, ranging from "Very Low Sulfur" to "High Sulfur", which each offer a range of sulfur content from one-half to three-and-a-half percent respectively. The former sort of mazut is fairly uncommon outside of Russia or the Commonwealth of Independent states. This is because it relies upon a crude source with low sulfur, and its relatively difficult production process.

The product is extremely attractive for consumers and industry due to the ease with which its more crude forms can be refined, the economical price of the product, and the availability of the product, which is often shipped in barrels labeled Mazut 100, or simply 'mazut' in some cases.

On a given day, the mazut price fluctuates much like other commodities, but there are variables that determine the price in a fairly fixed way. The first consideration that buyers must often make is the method of transport. sea transport is more efficient than land transport by a factor of tens, if not hundreds in some cases. Thus if one is searching for overland-transported mazut, one might be paying a significant price penalty if there are not equipped refineries nearby. Further, the refinery itself becomes an issue.

There are four distinct grades of mazut fuel oil – Very Low Sulfur, Low Sulfur, Normal, and High Sulfur – which range between 0.005 and 0.035 in sulfur content. The amount of sulfur affects how clean the oil burns, and in turn the emissions it creates, and the amount of buildup that accumulates within the engines and furnaces that burn it.

The keyboard that you've been typing on is made of plastic (at least, in part, if you happen to have one of those fancy-schmancy Apple keyboards with an aluminum body). The computer case you're using to read this text is also probably plastic (save for you snobby Macintosh elitists with your sleek, silver Macbooks). Almost everything you own probably has a plastic component, or synthetic rubber component somewhere – all products made from oil, after it has been refined and shaped by the magic of modern chemistry.

Mazut platt prices are often a consideration for its buyers. Like any class of product, it comes in a variety of qualities, and its price is closely associated with that quality. The best quality of mazut 100 (and the most expensive to produce) is that with the designation 'very low sulfur' – which contains less than one-half percent sulfur. This means that the fuel burns far cleaner than the cheapest class of mazut, which contains up to three and one-half percent sulfur. The former sort of M-100 Mazut is fairly difficult to come by, since its producers are limited in number. Most mazut oil for sale falls somewhere in the middle of the 0.5%-3.5% range.


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