Viva Energy & Resources Pte Limited, a global energy and commodities trading company.

Our Vision

To provide complete services of the highest standards in energy and resources trading and investment.

Our Areas of Expertise

Include sourcing, transporting and supply of petroleum products and resources.The expertise which our management team possesses, along with our partners across Asia, Europe, America and Australia, enables the company to tailor its services uniquely to every client.

Our Team

We have dedicated enthusiastic partners and employees. All partners and employees have extensive knowledge gained from many years of working in the energy and resources industry globally. These traders, engineers, financial consultants form an effective team that bring the vision of the company alive.

Our Clients

include leading multinational oil entities, petrochemical conglomerates and independent power producers.


The company provides its services and products in a cost effective manner. We pride ourselves in being very competitive on price but best at services. Our products and services adhere to the strictest environmental standards in the industry.


Currently, we are focusing our services in developing and emerging markets with our core sight on crude oil, refined petroleum products, gas as well as resources.


Our services are now widely known for their competitiveness, dependability and reliability. We have an extensive range of product supply and sourcing.
"Our customers depend on us for reliability and efficiency"