CalCFA (Milking Cow Feed)

Why Calcium Soap/Salt?

As demand for higher productivity increases, farmers of dairy cows are increasing faced with the need to supplement energy sources that could no longer be assured by the feeding of more dry matter.

Moreover, in the balance of economics, the cheapest energy source based on calorimetric contribution has to be derived from oils & fats.

However the feeding of more oils & fats will invariably cause more harm than good because oils & fat break down in the rumen, into fatty acids. These same fatty acids will then be subjected to bio-hydrogenation processes that will inhibit microbial activities in the same rumen. This disruption will lead a variety of problems to the health of the animal such as:

- Lack of appetite
- Slow recovery after calving
- Low milk-yield
- Fertility problems
- Ketosis, Acidosis
- Death

If rumen activities are so crucial, then energy supplements via oils & fats will have to be modified in a way that it by-passes the rumen before it could be absorbed. The Calcium Soap offers one such alternative. The Calcium bonding with fatty acids prevents the product from being reacted upon in the rumen stage thereby providing the crucial "inertness".

This simplistic effect actually took away a majority of the problems mentioned above and will allow the modern high milk-yielding cows the much needed energy to stage a recovery after calving and since rumen activities were not affected, nutrients absorption from dry matters intake is also optimized.

The calcium soap stays inert in the rumen and then passes on through to the abomasums where the relative acidity condition there will naturally break down the calcium bonding and allow for optimal intestinal digestions.


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